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Draivn technologies for
insurance brokers
July 28, 2021
Remember stock brokers rolling in money in The Wolf of Wall Street? With Draivn, insurance brokers will soon behave just like this. Let’s see how the future mobility platform will drive the brokers rich and successful by offering:

Best deals from insurers/reinsurers.
Unique selling propositions to attract and retain customers.

From the previous posts, you know the unique feature of Draivn – the capability to access any existing mobility data source and harmonize telematics data. And this is why it’s even more important for brokers than for insurers.
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open mobility
Initially, we designed Draivn for insurance companies with dozens of diverse clients, fleets, telematics devices, and platforms. At the same time, insurance brokers can work with ten such insurers, which means x10 data sources than any single insurer has. But it’s not a problem anymore, as a broker can access them all via Draivn.

Draivn’s second most powerful feature is applying analytics on top of harmonized data. It means that Draivn transforms the data into valuable insights, opening new opportunities to brokers, including:

✅ Risk-assessment. By understanding the risk profiles of each customer, brokers can adjust risk policies, conditions, and consult clients on risk score improvement.
✅ Better deals. When a broker requests better deals from insurers and reinsurers, the success is more probable when such a request is supported by objective data.
✅ Customer loyalty. With more beneficial insurance programs and data-driven loyalty initiatives, brokers get life-long customers and access new customer groups.
✅ Independence. Brokers’ ability to get a client should not depend on some third parties, like telematics providers, but only on their proficiency.

Last, but not least – value-added services. Brokers sell insurance to customers directly, and data-driven services can become their unique selling proposition. Here are a few services a broker can introduce based on telematics data:

❗ Driver training programs to address distracted and fatigue driving issues.
❗ Driving quality improvement and related motivation programs to improve road safety.
❗ Tailored vehicle safety programs to reduce the risk of accidents and dangerous situations caused by vehicle health and deferred maintenance.
❗ Accident reporting and analytics to determine benchmarked fleet safety levels and generate individual recommendations.

To sum it up, Draivn guarantees what we claimed in the beginning:

Best deals from insurers/reinsurers.
Unique selling propositions to attract and retain customers.

And you are one click away from it: https://draivn.com/
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