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Wejo on Nasdaq
Wejo, one more global leader in connected car data collection goes public, just like Otonomo did a few months ago.
Draivn and Business Accelerators for Startups!

What’s an accelerator or business incubator, why do startups need them, how has Draivn been accelerated?
Dynamic proposition for private hire drivers.
We are back featuring Draivn for all mobility stakeholders and the new pick-of-the-day: Dynamic proposition for private hire drivers.
Draivn customer development
We have just shared how we had shaped our concept, established the right entity, and got through accelerations programs. In today’s post, we turn to Draivn’s customer development strategy.
What 2022 brings for vehicle insurance?
2022 Insurance Industry Outlook by DRAIVN: Trends, Concerns, New Products, Technologies and Market Segments.
Draivn challenges the industry. And the challenges Draivn faces.
Today’s Draivn story is about the challenges we’ve come across so far, and the ways to cope with them, Draivn style.
The roots of Root Insurance
Root’s share price drops from ????27 to ????2, and the company lays off 330 employees. Let's discuss it ...
How, when and why the story of Draivn began?
Draivn product video: interfaces, features and capabilities.
Draivn. Episode 2: Veni, vedi… iterum tenta

Telematics in commercial lines: viable but unscalable
Advisors: The only thing you can’t find on Google
Musk vs. Insurance
Draivn always goes Dutch, or where to incorporate a company?
“Normal” has never been enough for Draivn and our headquarters incorporation is not an exception.
Draivn speaks for the FUTURE OF XURANCE
Last week, NYIA invited us to participate in the webinar “What the Future May Hold: Changing Landscape and Insurance Models.”
How to start a company in the Netherlands remotely?
Shortly after choosing the Netherlands for the headquarters, we started establishing the Draivn entity, and it was another fight we’ve won remotely.
Wejo on Nasdaq
Wejo, one more global leader in connected car data collection goes public, just like Otonomo did a few months ago.
OTONOMO rings the bell
If we got a dollar every time somebody asked us “What is Draivn?”, we wouldn’t need investments for the next 20 years.
What is Draivn and how it
For the past ten years, the world has been too busy connecting every object that can be insured to the Internet. Now we have thousands of data sources ...
Draivn for motor fleet
What does it mean for you?
Spoiler: One small step for Flock, one giant leap for the industry.
TechCrunch reports Flock to secure $ 17,000,000 .
Remember stock brokers rolling in money in The Wolf of Wall Street? With Draivn, insurance brokers will soon behave just like this.
Draivn technologies for insurance brokers
Draivn for fleets, leasing and
maintenance companies
How did we end up in Draivn?
Does telematics really work for insurance?
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