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Dynamic proposition for private hire drivers.
December 2, 2021
Hello and welcome. We are back featuring Draivn for all mobility stakeholders and the new pick-of-the-day:
ride-hailing, PAYD,

The solution is a hybrid PAYD insurance for private hire drivers.
Here are just a few things we can do with Draivn Open Mobility Platform:

✅Differentiate between private and commercial trips.
✅Calculate the number of trips, mileage, and driver behavior for each trip type separately.
✅Convert the data into analytics.
✅Build PAYD hybrid pricing model for our drivers.

Moreover, the ride-hailing companies get information about their drivers’ insurance statuses and save on reinsurance accordingly. Sounds like a plan, and the benefits are obvious:

  • Pay for personal and commercial vehicle insurance based on actual vehicle usage.
  • Save on insurance/reinsurance;
  • Raise the level of service;
  • Take control over the insurance coverage of their drivers.
Insurance providers
  • New revenue streams;
  • New data-based services;
  • The benefits of telematics-based insurance: FNOL, underwriting, driver training.

The question is not, “Will anybody do this?”, but “Who will do it first.” Message us here if it’s you and let’s make it happen.

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How Draivn brings the insurance of private hire drivers to just another level.
You might have noticed that the world is spinning faster. And you must have noticed it on Zoom, as COVID-19 taught us to exist remotely.

Here is a striking fact for you. These days you can get anything delivered – food and groceries being at your door within 15 minutes, clothing, and even cars are delivered to your driveway these days. What’s next, drugs delivery? Oh, Uber is already on it – at least in Canada ;).

To have all this delivered on time, the world needs a number of delivery services or in-house couriers. But they are not enough to cover the rising volume of deliveries. And here come part-time drivers – the people to save this world.

Ride-hailing services – Uber, Bolt, Lyft – make the phenomenon happen. And now the army of private hire drivers come in preventing the collapse of the whole delivery industry. But there is a problem that Draivn was designed to solve.

The problem
The story below is applicable to all the cases with part-time drivers, and ride-hailing is just an example.

✅If a driver uses his car for private purposes – he buys personal vehicle insurance.
✅If he uses the vehicle for commercial purposes, like Uber, the driver buys commercial passenger transportation insurance. This option is more expensive – up to 10 times in some countries.
✅Finally, if a private hire driver uses his personal car for business services, he pays for personal and commercial insurance combined.

The latter option costs a fortune. And as a result, few drivers buy both policies.

But do not think that drivers are the only ones to suffer. Ride-hailing companies have to buy special insurance and cover all the vehicles at service, no matter if they are covered or not. It happens because they can’t control the insurance coverage of their drivers and pay for everyone to be on the safe side.

Both drivers and ride-hailers pay twice, and we think that’s not fair.

Thank God (of telematics), Draivn is here to make things right. When approaching an insurance company, Draivn brings in the solution to kill two birds with one stone (Note! No birds were harmed by Draivn team).
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