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Draivn approaches fleets, leasing,
maintenance & breakdown companies.
August 19, 2021
When we were getting started with Draivn as the open mobility platform, we focused on fleet motor insurance companies. They were a perfect match for Draivn due to data source diversity, the number of vehicles operated in this field, and other reasons described in our previous posts.

But after dozens of discussions with industry leaders and deep market analysis, we understood that Draivn’s potential is far beyond motor insurance. It brings value to all the mobility stakeholders that build their proposition on telematics data: fleets, leasing, breakdown, maintenance, tier 1s, IoT, and IoB companies.

This idea derives from Draivn unique capabilities.

Draivn accesses, harmonizes, and shares any type of vehicle data regardless of data source and mobility types. It means that any mobility stakeholder can use Draivn as a universal data channel to:

✅ Get access to data from various sources and systems
✅ Broaden the market and address new customer segments not being limited to one TSP
✅ Harmonize information and processes
✅ Fast-track time to market for new programs
✅ Share its data with other stakeholders

But let’s see what Draivn brings to each particular mobility stakeholder:

❗ Fleets and leasing
Draivn perfectly fits the business models of bigger fleets – ALD Automotive, ARI Fleet Germany GmbH, Enterprise, Avis – bringing them:

✅ Harmonization, standardization, and optimization of processes across all the fleets no matter how fragmented they are.
✅ Independence from telematics providers. Draivn allows working with new and existing TSPs without changing the established business processes.
✅ Dynamic and usage-based pricing, where the cost depends on how the fleet is utilized.
✅ Tailored insurance tariffs available thanks to Draivn’s insurance-focused design.
✅ Improved operation management services, like advanced accident management, predictive maintenance, dynamic & stationary vehicle control.

❗ Maintenance and breakdown companies
Bosch USA, RAC, and others are the major telematics data consumers alongside fleets and insurers. Similar to others, the data market fragmentation is a pain for them as well. Here, Draivn steps in allowing:

✅ Accident detection and reconstruction.
✅ First notification of service.
✅ Predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics.
✅ Immediate assistance in the event of breakdowns.
✅ Improved route and resource planning thanks to proactive errors and breakdown detection.

Draivn perfectly caters to all these data consumers but is not limited to them only. Instead, we stay open to all the participants of the mobility supply chain. And our mission here is to open telematics data for all of them, allowing data access and exchange. But it’s the story for our next post.

Now, you can learn more about Draivn techs and other business domains we cover here: https://draivn.com/
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