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Draivn Open Mobility for
fleet insurers
July 22, 2021
For the past ten years, the world has been too busy connecting every object that can be insured to the Internet. Now we have thousands of data sources, telematics devices, and platforms used by commercial fleets.

A great opportunity on the one hand, and a great problem on the other.

Tons of valuable data are waiting for insurance companies, MGAs, and brokers. But the information is so diverse and distributed, that they can’t receive, harmonize, and contextualize the data from all those sources.

For example, you are an insurer who works with B2B and B2B2C segments.
Your clients are a car-sharing business, construction firm, movers, delivery service, and logistics company. Each of the clients has various types of vehicles with factory-installed or after-market telematics (GPS trackers, sensors, in-car services). Oh, by the way, the logistics firm also uses owned and third-party vehicles connected to 3 different FMS platforms :).

That way, you have to create a solution for each proprietary closed data source – client, vehicle, platform – which can’t be scaled to other customer segments.

When you find a way to retrieve data from a delivery van, it doesn’t mean the same will work for a truck or concrete mixer. Did you learn to receive data from a truck? Bad news – the owner of delivery vans reconnected them to another platform, so you have to adjust your backend. The process seems never-ending. The more telematics is involved, the more difficult the case is.
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Draivn fights the difficulties

Draivn can access any existing mobility data source. Moreover, it harmonizes the diverse data and applies analytics on top of it. After this, the raw data becomes valuable and any insurance company can get it via API or in the form of ready-made services.

With Draivn, an insurer can easily tap into different segments (B2B, B2B2C), having:

✅ Comparability across all programs throughout the portfolio.
✅ A single integration with any number of data sources.
✅ Unified pricing and harmonized claim procedures + automated FNoL.

But the most important thing is sky-rocket time-to-market for new mobility programs, such as:

✅ Usage-based pricing for micro-mobility and delivery (for instance scooter-sharing).
✅ On-demand insurance for rental companies (each trip can be insured separately).
✅ Dynamic underwriting (on-the-go risk assessment for each trip).
✅ Accident detection, reconstruction, and much more.

With the shift towards B2B and B2B2C, the market demands new business models. Draivn helps insurers to easily tap into these segments, introduce new value-added services, and finally become the major orchestrator of the growing mobility ecosystem.

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