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Re-entering telematics
Draivn for insurers
Draivn helps insurance companies to solve the problem
of telematics data accessibility and scalability enabling
a variety of data-driven services
Better deals from insurers and improved customer loyalty and retention
Advanced underwriting, automated FNoL, fast time to market for new programs
Precise risk assessment and a variety of new services
Wanna see how it works?
Draivn enables
Multi-Vendor Telematics
Data Harmonization
Using Draivn insurers can get access to the existing telematics data of their customers regardless of the data source they use. The information is harmonised and injected into insurers' systems via one clear channel.
A single channel for all customers
Harmonized portfolio and processes
Data-based services and solutions
Advanced risk
Get holistic view of your multi-fleet portfolio and improve underwriting with Draivn insights on vehicle usage, trip conditions, driver performance, vehicle health and safety features.
Dynamic underwriting
Data-based customer risk profiles
Multi-factor fleet scoring
Usage and behaviour
based services and tariffs
Draivn enables a variety of pricing models for all the mobility types: commercial fleets and trucks, private hire, car-sharing, leasing and subscription, micro-mobility, EVs, delivery and others.
Pay As You Drive
Pay How You Drive
On-demand insurance
Connected claims
and FNoL
Draivn uses real-time and historical telematics data to automatically detect accidents and fraud, reconstruct crashes and improve claim resolution processes.
AI-based collision detection
Virtual accident reconstruction
Digitalised claims management
Top results Draivn customers get
↓ 15%

Loss ratio
↓ 25%

↓ 30%

Claims number
↓ 59%

Claim cost per vehicle
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