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July 22, 2021
If we got a dollar every time somebody asked us “What is Draivn?”, we wouldn’t need investments for the next 20 years. But let’s not wait years and answer it now. There are two main things you should know about Draivn:

❗ It’s an open mobility and telematics data harmonization platform.
❗ It solves the problem that no telematics, IoT, or insurance provider could resolve for the past 10 years.

And the problem is:

1️⃣ Mobility stakeholders want to introduce some scalable innovative data-driven services. For that, they need telematics data from their clients – fleets and commercial vehicles.
2️⃣ They see how fragmented and diverse the data is, because of a huge variety of proprietary data sources and platforms that operate/carry it.
3️⃣ They need a single solution to access data from hundreds of sources and transform it into a universal format, but there is none. Because of that, mobility stakeholders need to work with each data source individually and that's a nightmare.

In the end, the benefits from using the data are not worth the effort and time put into data collection and harmonization. And innovative services don’t happen.
fleet insurance, commercial lines, brokers, MGA, maintenance, breakdown, diagnostics, telematics
open mobility
Draivn was born to solve this problem by offering:

✅ Universal access to data. Draivn is data source-agnostic to retrieve any type of data from any source, regardless of where they belong, how they work, look, and are processed.
✅ Data harmonization. Draivn understands the data and transforms it into a universal format. Then the data can be sent to any other platform or storage in the form of consistent raw data, advanced analytics, or tailored-made mobility services and applications.
✅ Data sharing. After becoming universally available for all mobility stakeholders, data itself becomes a product/service. They can sell it, buy, share to other platforms, or use it to create value-added services and solutions.

We strongly believe there shouldn't be 1000+1 ways to access, contextualize, and communicate the data. There can be only one. And let it be Draivn.

P.S. We did it for insurers, brokers, MGAs, tier ones, dealers, IoT and IoB, and any other company that wants to build new solutions and services based on telematics data. In our next post, we’ll discuss how Insurance companies can use Draivn and the opportunities it opens for them.
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